About Us

At JMarketing, we understand that the online world of marketing can be an overwhelming and difficult place to navigate. To have a business in today’s digital world, you almost need a degree in online marketing to be successful. Years working in the digital marketing world has taught us that our customers need stress free, well explained marketing so they can go about the business of running their business, while we take care of the rest.

We’re a global agency designed to support companies wanting fast results to trial, test and get ahead. We appeal to data-driven risk takers—companies agile and ambitious enough to see the bigger picture. We take control of your digital marketing using data to create a plan, then execute it without taking up your valuable time.

We start by finding the quick wins, and wasted spend, a process we call ‘the marketing audit’. In a decade of strategic marketing, we’ve only met a handful of companies that actively audit their marketing spending. The result is always the same: inefficient allocation of resources and leaky advertising channels missing low-hanging opportunities. I understand what you’re saying here, but I think you can say it in a way that’s more customer-centered, specific, and easier to understand without having to read too hard into it. This is where we have made a name for ourselves, helping customers create a strong foundation and drive results.

Do you often wonder if there are more and better ways you could be optimizing profits on your site? We can help with that. There is no better example than OzMobiles, a boutique mobile phone retailer in Australia. The company was satisfied with their profits but questioned if they were missing out What do you mean by missing out? somewhere along the lines. Our audit identified several critical improvements for both their website and their advertising. After implementation, the company saw an immediate 10x increase in their business, which increased to 20x over coming years.

Business owners who are successful understand it’s important to be goal oriented. To help our clients meet their goals, there are a few core areas we focus on:

Conversion Optimisation

The most common pitfall of any website is its ability to sell. The unit of measurement we use to track this is ‘conversion rate’. Most clients have never considered this metric and their pages are constructed based on what looks good, versus, what works.

As one small example, we know that using a form above the fold increases conversion, and has worked for every client we’ve implemented it on.

Another example misused by many clients are sliders. Website sliders are extremely popular, but grossly ineffective. Studies have shown consumers actively avoid them, and this decreases both conversion and engagement rates, with very few exceptions. We’ll help you find solutions that appeal to your customers.

JMarketing’s success comes from multiple sources—our team isn’t your usual one-dimensional marketing group made up of individuals with only a marketing background. Our focus is split between technical & behavioural experts, because we understand that marketing is about telling a story. The success of any page starts with a narrative. We help you tell your story in a way that engages the customer and encourages them to act. To this end, our content is lead by English professor and writer Rachel Mills, combined with consumer behaviour insights by our resident psychologist, Tuscany Williams. From there, we implement our data into a web framework that provides a seamless customer experience. Examples of our work are available on our portfolio page.

By tapping into the consumer mindset and using data research (team led by Daniel Lemp), we make high probability assumptions Can you say this in a way a layman would understand (ie. me 🙂 on how best to capture your customers. The combination of these three pillars creates the initial page plan, or what we call a ‘wireframe’.

After planning comes the design phase. At this point, the content is locked in and an initial layout / framework has been decided on. Now we add the colour and contrast, drawing attention to the core messages, and layering in the professionalism that separates you from your competitors.
We know how much you put into making your business unique, and pay special attention to your business’ voice and story.

The final stage is developing the site into a lightning fast, mobile-friendly web page. This team is led by Alex Masliychuk A little background like you have for me?. We work with both new and existing sites, implementing these landing pages so they can be tested and drive excellent, measurable outcomes.

Proving our worth

We prove our expertise by producing quantitative results. To do this, and reduce customer risk, we like to create singles pages, testing and proving their effectiveness. When our clients see results, it’s only logical to expand this further, and continue to grow their business.
This could be explained a bit more clearly.


Marketing Services we offer

The below is a list of services we offer. However, we will only recommend these services if it meets the goals of our clients.

We are regularly requested to ‘make it work’. Unfortunately without the right foundation in place, like a landing page that converts highly, or well constructed creative messaging, its likely not to work.  In these instances we will advise you and work together to fix reinforce that area before spending money on further media.  It’s our service promise, to always provide you honest information that will help you make the right decisions to grow your business.


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Our Digital Team

Joshua Strawczynski
Tuscany Williams
Daniel Lemp
Rachel Mills
Alex Masliychuk
Maxine Reyes
Nikita Katz
Rasel Rok

Service Promise

We have a lot of experience in digital marketing. We won’t recommend something just because it’s in vogue or looks pretty. Our team will only recommend / implement strategies that will improve your business position.

As an agency, we get frustrated by creative and branding agencies promising the world and delivering nothing. JMarketing was founded on hard business analytics. We promise to analyse the data, the market, and provide you a committed approach to improving your business position.